How to make a Succulent Terrarium

Succulents are one of the most popular plants to use in a terrarium. They come in so many shapes and sizes, and look great with any type of décor. In this blog post we will walk you through how to create a succulent terrarium that will never need water!

Succulents prefer low amounts of light, which makes them perfect for a terrarium.

To create this succulent terrarium you will need:

– Glass container with lid (the one I used is from Ikea)

– Cactus soil mix made of sand and small gravel particles mixed together to allow enough drainage

– Pebbles or rocks large enough so that they do not fit through the opening of your jar

– Succulent starter plants (I used three different types)

First, place a layer of pebbles or rocks at the bottom. This will help with drainage and keep the soil from clumping together. Next add some cactus soil mix on top so that it is about an inch from the top of your jar.

Now take your succulent starter plants and place them where you want in the jar, covering any exposed dirt with more cactus soil mix. Finally put a layer of pebbles or rocks on top to finish off your terrarium!

Succulent Terrariums look great anywhere

First, choose a container for your succulent terrarium. A glass container with a wide mouth is best because you can easily add decorations and it will not be too heavy when filled with water.

Second, clean the container thoroughly. This will prevent any dirt from getting into the soil of your plants and will also help keep mold from growing in the water. Third, lay down a drainage layer at the bottom of your container.

This layer should have lots of holes so that excess water can drain out of your terrarium and fertilizers and other debris can also be washed away. Next, add a thin layer of gravel for drainage purposes.

The thickness should not exceed one inch otherwise water will pool in this area and your glass container may break when the weight is too much for it to handle. Finally, fill up your jar with soil (I like cactus soil mix because it holds water well, but regular potting soil will work as well).

Press down on the soil gently to make sure there are no air pockets. Then place your plants in and cover any exposed dirt with more cactus mix or other type of natural looking rocks. Finish off by adding a layer of pebbles over everything to finish off your succulent terrarium!

You will need to follow these steps for succulent terrarium:

1- Choose a terrarium container

2- Clean the container

3- Drainage layer on the bottom

4- Add a filter for separation

5- Pour a charcoal layer

6- Succulent soil mix, and Plants

7- Decorations


1- Choose a terrarium container

What do you get when the perfect balance of form and function is combined? A terrarium, which can be used for all sorts of things. They come in different shapes and sizes so there’s really something for everyone!

2- Clean the container

Cleaning the terrarium container is essential for ensuring that it lasts just as long. Rolling up your sleeves, fill a dishwashing detergent with warm water and dish liquid in an empty pot or tub then place on medium heat until bubbles form along its edges – this will take about 5 minutes!

Once they do remove from heat source soapsuds can be added if desired before wiping clean using paper towels dipped into bleach solution (1 part hydrochloric acid to 9 parts cold tap).

3- Drainage layer on the bottom

When you are leveling your lawn, choose the drainage layer as it’s place to start. It may seem logical that putting down our dirt or sand would be where we want water running off from so they don’t pool up at determinants but this can lead us into problems if done incorrectly because now instead of being able drain naturally then waiting for rain.

Which is usually what happens these days-you’ll have mud holes everywhere! You need something with sharp edges like cinderblock that will allow them flow freely without becoming clogged by roots etc. Often times people think just shoving more peat moss mixed with sand and compost etc. will work – it doesn’t so picking up a bag of good drainage material at your local home improvement retailer is the way to go.

4- Add a filter for separation

One way to make your designs stand out is by adding a filter for separation. This can be anything that will draw attention, like light or textured elements in an oil painting style background so people are more inclined towards what you’re trying share with them!

5- Pour a charcoal layer

A charcoal layer is a great way to make your grill more efficient. Charcoal is filled with nutrients and will digest faster than wood, making it easier for the food you’re cooking on top of it burn cleanly without any ash or other materials getting into its system – which protects against diseases by closing up openings where they could exist!

6- Succulent soil mix, and Plants

Succulents are the perfect plant for your garden. They’re low maintenance and require almost no water, making them an attractive alternative to more demanding flowers like roses or chrysanthemums in particular areas where rainwater can be scarce during summer months; we recommend adding soil mix too so that moisture retention doesn’t become an issue!

7- Decorations

Decorations can be a challenge. You want to make sure that your decorations reflect who you are and what makes up the essence of how people see, perceive or know about themselves in order for others outside our small world not only view us but also understand where their true value lies: with YOU!

What is really beautiful isn’t always easy because it requires an open mind; if something doesn’t outright grab someone’s attention then chances are no amount of money could force them into submission when there might easily be another choice available at this point–especially nowadays given all we’re surrounded by every day thanks again technology (I’m looking tag you Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites that have been popping up lately) when it comes to what we see in front of us!

Some people have it figured out and others just don’t. This can be a very subjective field to navigate through which is why we recommend getting others opinions on what you’ve done so far and how it can be improved.

If we look at nature, we would see that almost every plant in it has some kind of flower so why should we have to settle for anything less when growing our own!

You can’t go wrong with a succulent terrarium. They’re perfect for your desk and don’t require any maintenance once they’ve been started!

Make sure you always add a drainage layer before putting down your dirt and other materials. This will keep everything from getting sucked up causing clogs in the future!

When we think of decorations we want to make sure they reflect who we are and what makes up the essence of how others see, perceive or know about us. This is so that people outside our small world not only view us but also understand where their true value lies: with US!


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